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Advantages of Water – Gary Ferone

Water helps in many different types such as helps the body in removing all types of waste, prevents the body from becoming dehydrated, aids in digestion, helps in protecting the joints, tissues as well as spinal cords, etc. Water also keeps the tissues inside the body moist other than regulating the body’s temperature as well as quenching the thirst and one’s body retains the optimum levels of moisture in bones, brain, blood as well as sensitive areas by keeping the body hydrated.

Water acts as a lubricant as well as cushion for the joints and it also helps in protecting the spinal cord and the adequate amount of water helps the body to excrete through urination, defecation as well as perspiration. The intestines, liver as well as kidneys uses the water to help flush out the waste from the body and it also helps in moving the food that have been eaten through the intestinal tract as well as softening the stools and it also keeps the body from getting constipated. Digestion relies on some of the enzymes which are found in the saliva which helps in breaking down the liquid as well as the food and to dissolve other nutrients as well as minerals.


Beauty Benefits of Exercise – Gary Ferone

Instant Glow: When one gets his/her heart pumping from an aerobic exercise, they are supplying their skin with a nice dose of an oxygenated blood and it also gives one’s that great post workout glow.

Wrinkle Reduction: Working out also helps in maintain the healthy levels of the stress related hormone cortisol and elevated cortisol levels are linked to increased sebum production which means more acne breakouts. Too much cortisol can also cause the collagen in the skin to break down which can further increase in wrinkles as well as sagging and exercise actually supports the production of collagen.

Acne Relief: Regular exercise boosts circulation and it also nourishes your skin, bringing more blood flow and oxygen to it. This will help draw toxins out of the body and all that sweating cleans out the pores of congested skin and working out corrects the hormonal imbalance that can cause adult acne.

Healthier Hair: The improved blood flow helps keep your hair stronger as well as healthier and this blood which is full of nutrients stimulates the hair follicles and promotes growth. Lower stress means your hair is less likely to be brittle even if you are as stress free as a cucumber.