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Improving Brain Function – Gary Ferone

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Exercise builds new brain cells and a process which is known as neurogenesis was recently discovered that demonstrated that the new brain cells are continuously being made as well as stored. One third of the neurons in the hippo campus, the area of the brain are involved in forming, organizing and storing memories which are regularly renewed throughout the life.


Experiences and learning strengthened these new neurons which cause them to branch out and make new connections and as the neurons were utilized, they developed even more connections and became stronger. Our brains are made up of billions of connections and the more neurons we have the bigger our brains and the better our cognitive functioning and exercise contribute to the growing of new neurons.

The body’s fuel which is derived from our food is digested and moved into the blood stream, it needs to be converted into energy. Within each cell are thousands of smaller molecules called mitochondria which are also known as the cells’ energy factories and they turn the glucose into a substance called adenosine triphosphate. Exercise also produces proteins which travel through the blood stream and in the brain playing a critical role in our highest thought processes.

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