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Useful Tips to Improve Memory by Gary Ferone

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Here are some tips which will help one in improving the memory are:

  • Link the list: Try to remember several things as well as ideas at once by linking them together in the mind.
  • Personalize the list: Organize the lists into short, manageable sections and also try to connect the items to something that is easier for one to remember.
  • Create an acronym: Train the brain to remember items in a specific sequence by creating a word to represent the objects.
  • Create a visual image: Visualize an object that will help remind you in the future, if one is trying to remember someone’s name.
  • Focus on what one is trying to remember: Spending a few moments actively processing the thoughts can make it very much easier to recall what one need to remember in the future.
  • Use all the senses to help improve the memory: Verbally list all the appointments out loud will help solidify the dates in the mind.
  • Write it down: Simply writing the information down will help the brain retain it even if one does not actually use the list or a note to remind of an appointment.
  • Be positive: Don’t doubt yourself; our brains can often do more than we realize.

Gary Ferone